School Resource Pack

Give them a healthy day to remember!

Imagine the response you would get if you asked children "who wants to learn about vegetables today?"... Now pop the Funky Lunch CD in, press play and ask them again!

Our activity packs are designed to ignite the senses and feed the imagination of children, showing them that healthy food can be fun as well as nutritious.

Watch how their creative ideas take over as you guide them through our lesson plans completing printable or interactive worksheets, designing food pictures before finally exploring different ways to shape the ingredients as they complete their masterpiece. Reward incentives will help even the most reluctant child complete the tasks.

How good are they?
This is what one of our customers from the USA said about our activity packs:

"I just wanted to let you know that we had our Funky Lunch workshop last night and it was a huge success! In fact, we had so much fun, we have decided to make this an annual event! Parents and children worked together to make some creative and yummy sandwiches! The kids had fun trying new foods and a couple of them actually discovered that they liked some of the new things that they were tasting! Our parents most definitely walked away as huge fans of Funky Lunch."

"The Creative Food Workshop Activity Pack included everything we needed to have a successful workshop!"

"Any item that I thought I would have to create myself was included in the pack. It includes shopping lists, scheduling examples, worksheets for the kids... if you purchase this activity pack, your workshop is certain to be a success! Thanks Mark and the Funky Lunch team for creating such a quality program!"

Mrs C Taylor
Extended School Program Director

Creative Food Workshop

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