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We run our creative food workshops all over the country, so we already know how much the children love to get involved, but it's always nice when the teachers write to us and let us know what they think...

Creative Food Workshop Testimonials

This was a new workshop for Year 2 and the whole morning was a buzz of excitement. Mark pitched his explanations at just the correct level for the girls to understand and by showing his website and explaining his concept for Funky Lunch the girls were able to see that no ideas were wrong and anything could be achieved with fruit and vegetables.

The planning session and worksheet was a good idea for the girls to think through all their ideas and helped them structure their thoughts, which was really evident in the creation stage. The girls loved the practical element of the workshop and used fruit and vegetables far out of their comfort zone to create a funky sandwich which far exceeded expectations of a year 2 class.

Throughout the session Mark was inspirational, positive and remained calm throughout. I would recommend the workshop unreservedly.

Sarah Moody, Year 2 Teacher, London

"We had a Funky Lunch Workshop led by Mark with our Key Stage One pupils. We told him what we wanted and he planned, organised, prepped and delivered a fantastic, fun and engaging day with our pupils. It fitted in really well with our Fun with Food theme and touched on so many different areas of the Curriculum.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are proud still now after the event when they look at the photos of the food art they created. We are still hearing about rocket sandwiches etc that they are eating at home. Thank you to Mark for a productive, effective and thoroughly enjoyable day which was had by all.

I must also comment that his delivery to the children was extremely good, he engaged them, was clear in his instructions to them and set the expectations for behaviour and safety (use of tools) very well and as a result we were able to enjoy the days activities with the children too."

Dominique Low, Key Stage 1 Teacher, Kidderminster

"I invited Mark into our school to join in with our annual Book Week. This year, we decided to focus on non-fiction writing (instead of the usual stories) and specifically on writing instructional texts (recipes). This was to fit with our School Development Plan, where engaging boys in writing is a focus.

Mark came into school to deliver a whole-school assembly to 280 children to launch ‘Funky Lunch Week.’ In the 30 minute assembly he talked about how he started his brand, how he came to write his book almost accidentally, and how his brand has now developed nationally and internationally. This was really important for our boy writers to hear, and Mark’s fantastic website – resplendent with its gallery and blogs – was very engaging for all watching and listening.

Mark spoke to the children very well and the pitch of the assembly was perfect. He told the story of the creation of the brand as it happened – through his interactions with his family, and this immediately had the children’s attention.

For the rest of the day, Mark did three workshops with each of our Year 5/6 classes, where he passed on his expertise to children aged 9-11. Each class had just under 30 children, so he worked with 80 children throughout the day. Mark was very flexible in terms of the content and even changed his workshop to fit in with our plans. We were extremely grateful for this and it had a huge impact as a result.

The day worked brilliantly and Mark left the children very enthused and ‘buzzing’ about creating their own Funky Lunches. The children then embarked on a week’s cross-curricular learning, using skills in Literacy, Numeracy, DT and Art to create a school 'Funky Lunch' recipe book to go on sale to parents. This also covers PSHE skills in enterprise and financial capability.

Overall, I was very impressed with Mark's preparation and delivery and we hope to work with him again soon!

David Rich, Literacy leader, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

"Mark communicated and presented clearly to the children through the use of visual aids and practical equipment. He was enthusiastic and very creative. He went around helping and demonstrating to children how to use and create. He was very friendly towards the children and they appreciated what he was telling them.

The children were absolutely thrilled at having being able to take part in the Funky Lunch workshop. When we looked through the photographs of their work in the next lesson and they were amazed at what they had created. The children regularly refer back to the workshop so it's not something they will forget."

Miss Munir, Year 4 Teacher, Slough, Berkshire

"What a brilliant day! We have had some great feedback from the children and their parents."

Key Stage 1 Teacher, Findon, Sussex

"Thanks for coming in yesterday, the children were very enthusiastic afterwards. We've even ordered your book."

East Preston Junior School, West Sussex

"A fantastic day of food filled fun! Can we book again for next year?"

Mrs Perrott, Year 2 Teacher, Sussex

"I really enjoyed Funky Lunch Day! I made a butterfly, I hope Mark comes back and teaches us again."

Rebecca, Year 3 Student

"I loved Funky Lunch it was so fun. I loved the monkey. I really want to do it again!"

Poppy, Year 2 Student

Enterprise Day Testimonials

The presentation at the start of the day was fantastic as Mark engaged the students into the topic and then throughout the day provided excellent guidance and support to individuals, groups of students' and most importantly to non-specialist staff who had not encountered enterprise before.

The quality and creativity of the finalists was superb and this was with Year 7 students who had never encountered business or enterprise before!

Mark Peters, Oxford Spires Academy, Oxford

I thought enterprise day was great. It gave me an opportunity to practice what I want to do when I am older.

Libby - 7B, Oxford Spires Academy

I liked enterprise day because it was different from a normal day and I thought funky lunch was a really good idea. I had lots of fun thinking of ideas and I liked my finished result.

May - 7B, Oxford Spires Academy

"The enterprise challenge you set for Years 5 & 6 covered various business skills while still being creative. Well done!"

Mr Batstone, Headteacher, Herefordshire

"Mark's interesting and exciting account of how to start a new business, gave the students a real insight into how a business can be set up and become successful! Mark's talk bought to life many aspects of the Business GCSE (Marketing, Finance & Investment, Communication and Product Life Cycle.... to name but a few!)"

Rebecca King, Head of Business Education, The Littlehampton Academy

Funky Lunch and Mark Northeast provided us with a fantastic way to end our 'field to fork' week-long project. Mark captured the children's imaginations immediately with examples of how a product could be made to attract children. They were enthralled to learn the whole process from the creation of the funky sandwich to the packaging and the marketing.

The best part of the day was seeing how the groups had to work together to agree on a way forward, a design and a presentation. There was so much learning taking place on many different levels and they had fun in the process. Many thanks!

Judy Cochand and Sue Fisher, Forres Sandle Manor School, Hampshire