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Feeding their imagination!

Healthy eating is not only a problem for parents and guardians of young children. A poor diet has been identified as a factor in attentional difficulties, lethargy and behavioural problems in the classroom. Providing healthy food in schools is only half the solution - getting children to eat it is another challenge.

What is a Funky Lunch Creative Food Workshop?

Funky Lunch Day Encompassing both theory and practical elements of key stages 1 and 2, our hosted days promote curriculum based discovery learning.

Funky Lunch Creative Food Workshops are designed to get primary age children interested in and eating healthy ingredients. Using fresh fruit and salad vegetables to create their own Funky Lunch sandwich children quickly become engrossed in the activities, exploring different ways to shape ingredients using a variety of tools and techniques.

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Want to challenge your Year 6 students?

Enterprise Workshops If you think that your Year 6 classes are up for a challenge all of their own, then why not book a Funky Lunch Enterprise Day for them.

Incorporating both the creativity of sandwich design and the essential business tasks needed to research and produce a saleable product, this workshop will get them working as individuals and in teams to deliver each stage of the task.

For more information and to make a booking, visit our enterprise workshop page.

Pre-Order a School Pack

Purchase a Funky Lunch Workshop Pack

An alternative to our hosted days are our Funky Lunch School Packs, which provide all the instructions, lesson plans, worksheets and reward incentives you will need to run a Funky Lunch Creative Food Workshop in your school, club, organisation or activity group.

Each pack contains a 12 page colour workbook, CD Rom with videos, printable resources, interactive workshops and photo gallery along with a pack of reward stickers and recipe cards to try at home.

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Funky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch Day
Funky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch Day
Funky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch Day
Funky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch DayFunky Lunch Day

Discover, Design and Devour

Bread tasting


Taking the children on a tasting journey is our first session of the day with a selection of breads, fruits and vegetables to experience and discuss. As well as different tastes, we look at shapes and textures to help with our next task.
Food face design


Funky Lunch Day is all about designing and making your own tasty treat in our Food Face Challenge. Children will get to design their own food face from a list of fruits and vegetables before starting the best part of the day.
Eating it all up


Then it's time to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in! Using a wide selection of ingredients they will make their final design and after a small prize giving, will be able to munch and crunch their way through their own funky lunch.


"Marks delivery to the children was extremely good, he engaged them, was clear in his instructions to them and set the expectations for behaviour and safety (use of tools) very well."... Read more


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